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Vegan perfume and cruelty-free perfume

Here is the part that closes our trilogy on eco-responsible perfume.

This time, we're leaping outside to talk about the impact scents have on animals. In particular, we will clarify the difference between vegan perfume and “ cruelty-free ” perfume.

vegan perfume

For the respect of animals, some perfume houses rely on “ 100% vegan ” formulations. That is to say that neither the ingredients used for the formulation of the perfume nor the materials used for the packaging are derived from animal exploitation. Basically, ingredients like musk, honey, or even dyes from insects are absent from these products. The components of the perfume are therefore all of vegetable or synthetic origin.

Vegan perfume is therefore entirely about the ingredients used, and not at all about the production process. There is therefore no guarantee with this label that no animal has been harmed during the manufacture of the perfume. It's not perfect, but it's a start!




Cruelty-free perfume

In France, perfumes and cosmetics are no longer tested on animals, it's forbidden!

With regard to the ingredients that compose them and which are only used in cosmetics, animal testing is also prohibited. Where it gets complicated is that certain ingredients used are sometimes not reserved for cosmetics, this is the case for example of citric acid (present in certain creams or serums, but also in household products, etc.): in this case, these components may sometimes have been tested on animals.

This is why it is difficult to see clearly : some products on the shelves display “ cruelty free ” labels which only concern the finished product, whereas French regulations already prohibit testing of these. Others are more transparent and ensure that no animal testing is done during each stage of production, for all the ingredients used.

So at the moment, some claims are not very clear about animal testing for beauty products. On the other hand, on the side of Maison Matine , everything is very clear: we do not test on animals, for any ingredient, nada! It's a cause that we take very seriously.

Maison Matine: an environmentally friendly fragrance

So here we are at the end of our series on eco-responsible perfume! We'll give you a quick summary to make sure you've understood everything correctly (no surprise quizzes at the end, I promise): eco-responsible perfume can take several forms: plant-based formulation, biodegradable packaging, refillable bottle, juice without products harmful to health, vegan composition, cruelty-free ... And there are many innovations in this field of perfumery !

We hope to have taught you a little more about perfumes that are good for the environment. You now have all the tools in hand to make the most eco-friendly choice possible for your next perfume purchase (hopefully from Maison Matine !).

At Maison Matine we create eco-responsible perfumes thanks to recycled and cellophane-free packaging, a perfume that contains organic wheat alcohol as well as animal cruelty-free production. And in our Refresh collection, all the stoppers are made of recycled cork and synthetic rubber, so 100% recyclable!

Our Maison Matine fragrances manage to find a balance between respect for the skin, environmental awareness, and animal protection without sacrificing our creative identity.

We are always listening to all your advice to succeed in achieving the objective of the most eco-responsible perfume possible! To wear perfume without harming our little planet <3






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