Enquête #1_Une odeur de propre dans la parfumerie !

Survey #1_A clean smell in perfumery!


What is an eco-responsible perfume? Recycled packaging? Natural ingredients? A production made in France ? Can a responsible perfume offer a unique and emotional olfactory experience? Are niche perfumes still green?

Lots of questions, and not enough space on this page to answer them properly. That's why we decided to make a series of articles on eco-responsible perfume. We are going to explore through different surveys all the themes of perfume that are good for the environment.

We hope our series will help you better understand this complex topic.


We decided not to get too carried away: and to concentrate on the packaging.

The packaging is the first impression one has of a perfume. It's the first thing you see. It is therefore an essential element in the perfumery market.

When we talk about packaging, we think of two distinct elements: the bottle and the outer packaging. Both of these components present unique issues, and we'll explore how to make them greener.


The perfume bottles are made of glass . Glass is a very beneficial material for the environment, because it is easily recycled, and almost without limit. Moreover, glass recycling is a widespread practice in Europe: on average 74% of glass is recycled*.

*don't ask us for the source, we don't remember. And don't hesitate to tell us if we're wrong :),

In the perfume industry, there are two methods to incentivize the recycling and reuse of bottles.


Some perfume houses, particularly in niche perfumery, encourage their consumers to reuse their bottles by offering perfume refills . It is simply a way to fill your empty bottle with your favorite perfume, by going to a perfumery.

It is an advantageous solution for the consumer who can buy a perfume at a lower price. In addition, the perfume refill makes it possible to accentuate the value of the bottle: it becomes a precious jewel, which is kept for years.


The deposit system is a way for perfume brands to encourage the recycling of glass bottles. The goal is to encourage the return of bottles in exchange for credits or gifts from the brand!

The deposit system is therefore advantageous for consumers, and above all for the environment! This is a good initiative on the part of the perfume houses.

The refill and the deposit system are therefore two techniques to encourage the recycling and reuse of the bottles that we love. But we must not rest on our laurels of glass!

At Maison Matine we propose to reuse our graphic bottles in soliflore or interior diffuser!


The problem with outer packaging for perfumes is the number of superfluous elements that use non-recyclable materials and whose production generates a significant amount of CO2.

At Maison Matine , our bottles are protected by our recycled cardboard boxes, and our packaging does not contain cellophane. There are no paper instructions, but you will find a small text presenting our creations printed on the box.

There are so many ways to create a perfume with eco-responsible packaging. At Maison Matine, we have decided to focus on the packaging of our fragrances, because it is the source of the greatest amount of waste. We are also working on the bottle itself, especially the cap. We will soon be creating new caps made from recycled and recyclable materials.

We would be delighted to hear your opinions and advice on how to improve our environmental impact through the packaging of our perfumes!

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