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Our perfumer tips for a perfume that lasts longer!

Do you find that certain perfumes do not last on your skin? We explain why, and we give you advice on how to make your perfume last longer!

A question of perfume concentration

First, each perfume is different in its longevity! Indeed, depending on the concentration of the perfume, its hold will be more or less powerful. Eau de Cologne, Eau Fraîches and Eau de Toilette, which are particularly light (concentrated between 2 and 12%), will be the first to disappear from the skin. So prefer an Eau de Parfum if you want a more substantial hold. AtMaison Matine , all our perfumes are Eau de Parfums, and are concentrated between 15% and 20%, to ensure that the fragrances stay in place.

Tell me where you perfume yourself, I'll tell you who you are

Then, you have to know that each skin is different. Depending on the acidity, the pH, or even the perspiration, no skin is the equal of another as far as perfuming is concerned. Some will naturally retain the fragrances, while others will only be able to hold them in with difficulty!

However, don't worry, some tips allow you to still enjoy your favorite fragrance throughout the day.

First, a well hydrated skin and a must to hold the perfume! So before applying your favorite scent, be sure to moisturize your skin with a cream or oil (and choose odorless ones, as a result!).

Then, if your skin still seems resistant to the idea of ​​keeping perfumes on, don't hesitate to perfume your clothes instead! For this, always spray at a good distance from the textile, and avoid delicate fabrics (such as silk).

On woolens and jeans, you can go for it! Similarly, a small scented handkerchief slipped into your cupboards or your travel bags will deliciously perfume all your clothes.


Cover this flask that I cannot see!

Finally, to ensure that your perfume does not turn (and therefore its smell changes) over time, always keep your bottle away from daylight and heat! This will slow down its aging and avoid changes in color or smell, which are never very pleasant!

So, will you tell us if you receive more compliments than usual on your perfume? We bet yes ;)

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